Welcome to Sociology at Athabasca University. Athabasca is a fully accredited university, participates in Prior Learning Assessment transfer credit (meaning you can transfer your credits from another university to us, or transfer courses you take from us to another university), and offers prospective students individual courses in Sociology, as well as both three year and four year Bachelor of Arts programs. A certificate for psychologists, counselors, and others working in the human services is being planned.

Sociology helps you both understand and change the world you live in. The main goal of studying Sociology at Athabasca University is to develop your understanding of the social, political, and economic realities of this world. Sociology students at Athabasca University delve deeply into topics like power, inequality, racism, the family, aging, crime, deviance and globalization. Sociology at Athabasca offers critical and insightful perspectives on the changing world we live. Sociology helps us understand why, for example, obesity, eating disorders, and depression are such rampant problems in our modern world. Sociology also helps us understand social class, inequality, and the impact of poverty on the individual, family, and society. Browse our course offerings for an idea of the sorts of topics that the discipline of Sociology deals with.

Anybody can take a Sociology course and everybody should take at least a few. Sociology courses deepen your understanding of the world and empower you to change the things that need changing. Sociology courses are useful to all individuals but are especially relevant for those who work in management, human resource development, marketing, education, nursing, local government, non-government organizations, social work, counseling, law enforcement, urban planning, community development, and family and community services.

If you have questions about the Sociology program, fees, registration, etc, visit our Sociology Program News Page or the Student FAQ. If your question is not addressed in one of those two resources, please feel free to contact Dr. Mike Sosteric (, Dr. Ella Haley ( or Dr. Tony Simmons ( with your question.



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