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The Information Centre is available to assist you from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Mountain Time, Monday to Friday (closed statutory holidays).

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Sociology Contacts by Course

Note: Contacts for courses are subject to change.

Course # Course Name Contact
SOCI 287 Introduction to Sociology I Mike Sosteric
SOCI 288 Introduction to Sociology II Mike Sosteric
SOCI 300 Organizations and Society: How to Make Sense of Modern Organizational Life Tony Simmons
SOCI 301 Social Statistics Mike Sosteric
SOCI 305 Sociology and Crime Tony Simmons
SOCI 316 Sociology of Families Ella Haley
SOCI 329 Aging and You (I): An Introduction to Gerontology Ella Haley
SOCI 330 Aging and You (II): An Introduction to Gerontology Ella Haley
SOCI 332 Women and Unions Ingo Schmidt
SOCI 335 Classical Sociological Theory Tony Simmons
SOCI 337 Contemporary Sociological Theory Tony Simmons
SOCI 348 Sociology of Environment and Health Ella Haley
SOCI 365 Sociology of Deviance Tony Simmons
SOCI 378 Social Problems and Social Movements Ella Haley
SOCI 380 Canadian Ethnic Studies Tony Simmons
SOCI 381 The Sociology of Power and Inequality Tony Simmons
SOCI 425 Special Projects in Sociology I Tony Simmons
SOCI 426 Special Projects in Sociology II Ella Haley
SOCI 427 Special Projects in Sociology III Mike Sosteric
SOCI 435 Theories of Social Change Mike Sosteric
SOCI 445 Selected Topics in Canadian Society Mike Sosteric
SOCI 450 Environmental Sociology Ella Haley

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