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Sociology Courses


Over the last 20 years, Athabasca University has helped many students enrolled in Canadian Universities by providing them with the opportunity to complete their outstanding undergraduate course requirements in a timely manner. With cutbacks in university funding making it difficult to offer a full range of academic courses throughout the year, especially at senior levels, Athabasca University Sociology courses offer program planners and student counsellors some options for their students.

The following independent study courses in Sociology are distance education courses designed and instructed by the Sociology professors at Athabasca University and are available to students across Canada and the globe:

List of Courses

Courses in Development

In an ongoing effort to keep subject matter up-to-date and expand options for students, AU courses are periodically revised and new courses are introduced in response to demand and developments within the disciplines.

New Sociology courses in development:

  • SOCI 290 Social Problems
  • SOCI 2xx The Sociology of Religion
  • SOCI 3xx The Sociology of Spirituality
  • SOCI 3xx Sociology of Mental Health

How It Works

At Athabasca University, we are specialists at providing high quality credentials. Students can enrol in courses year round. Students who enrol in courses receive a complete instructional package containing textbooks, readers, study guides and a student manual. In Sociology, students are assigned to a tutor whom they can email or call toll-free for one-on-one discussion every week. In addition, individualized study (formerly home-study) students have access to a full range of library services, no matter where they live in Canada.

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