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Mike Gismondi
Academic Coordinator

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Environment and society: Theory, Community energy; Citizen social science; Change & Transition
Critical global studies, Theory, Grassroots community & Cooperative alternatives to Capitalism
Sociology and Interdisciplinary Studies Theory, Research, Issues; Critical pedagogy, Open learning
Latin American Studies Social history
Ella Haley
Academic Coordinator

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Sociology of Environment and Health: contaminated communities, popular epidemiology, environmental justice movement.
Sociology of Food/Rural Sociology: farm-land grab, food sovereignty movements, farm cooperatives, alternative farmland transition and farmland ownership models, community land trusts, land trusts, cooperatives, isolation, inclusivity in rural communities, elderly, newcomers, migrant farm workers.
Sociology of Aging
Nanci Langford
Academic Coordinator
Classical and modern sociological theory
Interdisciplinary research methods
Life history research and writing
Social inequality
Sociology of religion
Materialist feminism
Canadian women’s social and political activism
Housing and homelessness in Canada
Tony Simmons
Academic Coordinator

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Classical, Modern and Contemporary Social Theory.
Organizational Theory.
Race, Ethnic and Minority Group Relations.
War and Armed Conflict.
Postcolonial Studies.
Social Epistemology and the Philosophy and History of Science and Social Science.
Mike Sosteric
Academic Coordinator

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Sociology of Human Spirituality. The study of church, sect, cult, esoteric society, and mystical experience.
Social Psychology, particularly with a humanistic or existential bend.
Social Movements
Human transformation/human potential.


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