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Athabasca University

Dr. Katie MacDonald

Assistant Professor, Sociology and MAIS



  • Bachelor of Arts, Honors in Interdisciplinary Studies, St. Thomas University
  • Master of Arts, Interdisciplinary Studies, York University
  • Master of Education, York University
  • PhD, Sociology, University of Alberta
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship, Concordia University

Current Research

I have two streams of research, both of which are connected by questions of how people understand inequity.

The first stream takes global learning as a site of inquiry. Building on my work in my dissertation, this work will explore experiences of sexual violence in global education opportunities through post-secondary. The first stage of this research is a policy scan seeking to understand current and best practices at Canadian institutions for who students experience sexual violence abroad. The second stage will be a qualitative inquiry with students. This research will contribute to practices, policies and understanding of sexual violence while abroad.

The second stream takes affordable housing as a site of inquiry. I am currently a co-investigator on a multi-year research project entitled Community Housing Canada funded by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. My research on this grant will look at the experiences of frontline workers in affordable housing. I am currently examining the case of Alberta and in 2022 plan to expand to include other jurisdictions.

My specializations include global learning, feminist sociology, transnational feminism, affordable housing, qualitative research methods, and pedagogy.

Select Publications

MacDonald, K. (2020). “Towards a Feminist Methodology of Encounters” Qualitative Research, 20(3), 249-264.

MacDonald, K. (2019) “Between catcalls and sharing space: intimacy in volunteer abroad” Women Studies International Forum 73, 42-49.

MacDonald, Katie and Rebecca Tiessen (2018) “Introduction” "International Experiential/Service Learning: New Insights on Intersectionality, Solidarity and Ethical Relations" in Journal for Global Citizenship and Equity Education.

Nixon, Randelle. and Katie MacDonald. (2018). “Being moved to action: Micropolitics, affect and embodied understanding” Sheila Bhattacharyya and Roxanna Ng (eds) Embodiment, Pedagogy and Decolonization: Critical and Materialist Considerations. Athabasca University Press.

MacDonald, L. (2016) “Calls for Educating Girls in the Third World: Futurity, Girls and the ‘Third World Woman’” Gender, Place & Culture, 23(1), 1-17.

MacDonald, Katie and Jessica Vorstermans. (2015). “Struggles for Mutuality: Conceptualizing Hosts as Participants in International Service Learning in Ghana” in Engaging Host Communities edited by Marianne Larson, Routledge, p 19-34.

Larkin, Alison, Marianne Larson, Katie MacDonald, and Harry Smaller. (2015). “Epistemological, Methodological and Theoretical Challenges of Carrying Out ISL Research Involving Host Communities: A Conversation” in Engaging Host Communities. Edited by Marianne Larson, Routledge. P 131-145.

MacDonald, Katie and Kelly Struthers Montford. (2014) “Eating Animals to Build Rapport: Conducting Research as Vegans or Vegetarians” Societies 4(4), 737-752.

MacDonald, Katie. (2014). “(de)Colonizing Pedagogy: Engaging Students Abroad”, Rebecca Tiessen & Bob Huish eds. Globetrotting or Global Citizenship? Perils and Potentials of International Experiential Learning, University of Toronto Press.

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